Samara, RU
Palace of Sport
Sting concert lasted almost two hours...

At the entrance to the Ice Palace of Sports CSK VVS, which hosted a concert by Sting, except for the queues of people met a very strange sound. He came from a strange deck, on which the master with the heavy hammer and special pieces right in front of all the honest people doing commemorative coins. Of course, not for free, and for 200 rubles. Turn to the handyman lined up a long and very impatient, because the scene is about to get himself had to sting.

By the time the concert (by the way, he stopped for about 20 minutes), empty seats in the hall was not there. Apparently, the tickets were sold out remainder.

When Sting came on stage (aka Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner) in the hall whispered admiringly. In her 61 times he looked at 1.5 - 2 younger, and the energy of it just in full swing.

- I Sting - announced it publicly, just in case. And this is my team - and then introduced each of their group.

To the surprise of the public performance artist began with strangers most of the songs, but honestly the people applauded and waited. Obviously, the artist, in turn, expected the room will be singing along, but no one knew the words. Then the singer moved to a simpler "focus":

- I will not say "heavy clouds", and you answer me, "no rain", - announced after a dozen Sting performed songs in English.

Making sure that the Russian realized that they are required, Sting sang joyfully hall was to answer him, and the process is called, has gone. Next people came to life, and singing along is at your own risk, that, however, the singer liked the fact that an excess of emotion he did in Russian "speak": - Thank you, Samara!

During the concert hall had heard such well-known songs by Sting, as the Englishman in New York (An Englishman in New York), Desert Rose (Desert Rose), Shape of my heart (Shape of my heart), Every breath you take (Every breath you take) and the howl of a wolf ... Sting. In the song, Moon over Bourbon street (Moon Over Bourbon Street), which was written, according to legend, inspired by Anne Rice's vampire novels, it's just about vampires. But the sad tone of the human voice somehow gradually turned into a wolf's howl. And so believable, that as much crawl ran.

After playing the allotted number of songs, Sting tried to escape, but the applause of his back. Three times. What did he do to get away! And the light in the room was extinguished, and the guitar he gave aides, and a group from the scene let go. In vain: Russian pushy, and the singer repeatedly appeared on the scene, while patience is not exhausted. Patting a couple of minutes after the sting left in the third (or fourth already) times, the audience sighed heavily, but agreed with the fact that the two-hour concert came to an end.

- He's just incredible! - Excitedly told me on the phone to someone after the show girl in the street while waiting for a taxi. - The audience was dancing, and I, along with everyone else.

- As if 20 years have looked younger - a husband and wife for 50 years, looked utterly happy, going home.

Make the evening perfect would a small autograph session, but, according to the organizers, the actor went immediately got off the stage, until the people had to leave the room. However, the most patient fans another hour pomerzli at different inputs-outputs of the Ice Palace, and at the same time watched as a large truck packed belongings group. Among the musical equipment suddenly flashed mats, leather office chair and ... strange plant from a distance resembles a salad.

Complaining about the vicissitudes of life, about 12 people finally finally broke.

(c) by Alexander Budaeva (Translated by Google)
posted by TashaTasha
Sting in Samara
It was an awesome concert! Unbelievable! Sting was in our city! Without a doubt I was there. Many thanks for such a great show! Impressions, emotions, favorite music- the positive attitude until the end of summer is guaranteed! Thank you very much and waiting You in Samara again! Specil thanks for Your music team! They are splendid!
posted by ali_g
Greatly enjoyed the Symphonicity concert in Kazan in Jul 2011. And now Sting is coming to the city where I live! Double delight! (Could it be more?) :) Cant't wait!
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