Kazan, RU
Tatneft Arena
Sting once again captured Kazan...

The legendary British rock musician for the second time made the capital of Tatarstan.

Sting returned to Kazan and re-captured the already devoted hearts of listeners. Overcrowded stands "Tatneft-Arena" passed the evening showed that the legendary British rock musician waited in the capital of Tatarstan, and these expectations were met.

Huge queues in "Tatneft-Arena", because of which the concert was delayed by almost half an hour, forgotten after the first song by Sting. At his concert, as in the past of his performance in Kazan, was a complete pleasure for demanding audience: live performance, sound quality, unexpected improvisations lasting lighting design, finally, the charisma and energy of the singer that room felt immediately, responding with applause on every movement of the master.

"Good evening! I am happy to return to Kazan "- shouted Sting came out on stage, and without delay, performed the first song" If I Ever Lose My Faith In You ". He was wearing jeans, a white T-shirt and the most expensive guitar in his hands. The stage was draped in black cloth. Musicians - guitarist Dominic Miller, drummer Vinnie Kolayut, keyboardist David Senkous, violinist Peter Tickell and singer Jo Lawry - were dressed in dark clothing. This is the case when the special effects are superfluous: there is Sting, and all of this was enough.

Sting made in the tour Back to Bass, performing not only the hits written by him during his solo career, but also the composition of the period when he was a member of "Police". There were songs like "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic", "Englishman In New York", "Shape Of My Heart", "De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da", "Message In A Bottle", "Roxanne "and many others. Sting sang not only great, but also talked to the audience at ease. Hall responded immediately, applauding, singing, including flashlights on cell phones during the performance of the most romantic songs.

Sting sang about 20 songs almost 2 hours of concert without a break. After the main part of the program was over and each musician played his best songs, Sting, bowing, left the scene. Hall, as expected, was not going to say good-bye. The stands roared, shouts, whistles and applause continuing. He returned to perform the hit "Desert Rose", which, as in his last concert in Kazan, made the audience rise from their seats and cling to the scene. It was the peak of the concert. After the song "Every Breath You Take" singer with the musicians again and after a noisy farewell request returned twice more to fulfill a pep "Next To You" and lyric "Fragile". After that, saying in Russian, "Goodbye," Sting finally gone. Only included a light and relaxing music soundtrack with calmed the roaring stands, requiring continuation of the concert.

Successful performance of Sting and the audience reaction gives hope that there would be a third performance by the legendary singer in Kazan, which, for sure, will be held again with the notice.

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posted by Sena
best day of my life
It was the day i waited for all my life.Amazing music,killing vibes, and all the atmosphere just melted my heart from the very begining of the show. What can I say more? Great evening. Great music.Great sound. Can't imagine a better two hours . One of the best concerts ever. Tnank you,Dominic Miller, Vinnie Colaiuta, David Sancious, Peter Tickell ,Jo Lawry.
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