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The legend of rock music fans Sting touched to tears...

Here and there came a fantastic time when next to Barrow - Chelyabinsk - began to act star world top-tier rock and pop music. Who would have thought that Sting would come here and give her an unforgettable show! However, the miracle that many of his fans do not even dare to believe it happened, giving viewers the most amazing emotion.

"No money is not sorry for this concert," - admitted then go out from the stands of the ice arena "Tractor". Yes, tickets to the performance of a rock star as part of his world tour "Back To Bass" were expensive - from 2,500 to 25,000 rubles, but the incredible quality of sound, light and performance was beyond praise.

To the concert was "without a hitch, without a hitch," technology worked hard - sports facility at 8000 locations obtyanuli dense, dark cloth for the purity of sound. Preparing for Star conducted in Chelyabinsk for months.

Two hours before the concert, fans from other cities dismantled in box office tickets still remaining for 4-6 thousand rubles. See "on a live Sting" came, apparently, all music fans from neighboring cities of Chelyabinsk, including, we met a crowd of Kurgan and residents Shadrinska partial to the music of the legendary Englishman.

Unfortunately, the big stars coming to Russia are not arranged to communicate with the media and has to limit the crumbs of information. Strict limits were set, as usual, in front of photographers and operators. Shooting performance of the actor on the camera can be only the first two songs, and TV people, and even less: only one minute of the first and second compositions concert. Pre-"gentlemen removing" forced to sign an agreement in English, they will not distribute the footage outside of their publications and broadcasters. Everything happened according to strict European laws, where piracy is not welcome.

In the foyer of the sports facilities at that time there was a brisk trade in T-shirts and magnets featuring Sting. Music fans lamenting only that did not deliver license disks.

I talked to a local fan of Sting - woman "over age 70", as she clarified. It was a local celebrity, Chelyabinsk poet Rita Riva Fish. An elderly woman suddenly said: "Sting - this is my youth, I remember him very young, the same as it was me." "But what about..?" - I was surprised. "Well, yes, he did younger - smiled the old lady - but I love him for a long time and gladly go to his performance. I know that it will be a concert of the upper class, not two prihlopa - three pritopa as we have become accustomed. He sings soul, live sound, equipment is awesome, the European level. I am very pleased that we have lived in Chelyabinsk to this event! ".

And by the way, at the end of the concert I saw an energetic pensioner in the crowd at the scene of the most ardent fans, jumped to his feet on the ground, to dance to your favorite rock hits.

Sting like a true gentleman, not long to wait for the audience - the concert started at the scheduled time. 61-year-old musician, actor, producer and singer appeared on stage in a simple white t-shirt, tight black pants and a bass guitar at the ready. Looking at his shapely, toned figure, the singer did not give his age, and only on energy and drive he will put to shame most of the young.

Gordon Matthew Sumner, aka Sting, was kept in English, and more singing and playing, changing instruments than communicate with the public. Although, to the ineffable joy of the audience, yet demonstrated his knowledge of Russian, "I - Sting. Good evening! Thank you. I love you. "

Started a breathtaking show with the famous "If I Ever Lose My Faith In You" and away without a pause, respite - "7 Days" and number three legendary card Sting - "Englishman in New York", which sang along with all the many thousands of stadium almost entirely filled stands and the ice arena.

Two hours of his speech, Sting performed all your favorite "Shape Of My Heart", "Desert Rose", "Every Breath You Take", "Fields Of Gold", "Message In A Bottle" ... Got all sing along to it the second line of energetic "De Do Do Do De Da Da Da "and" Heavy Cloud No Rain ". Made a real musical battle with team members, performing in duet variations - first with keyboard virtuoso David Senkousom, then the attack on the rocker went to violinist Peter Tickell, and completed the "musical ring" drummer Vinnie Kolayuta that introduces the audience into a trance rapid and sparkling solos .

Sting and his band were amazing audience jazz improvisations of old hits, and on one of the songs of the star in a charming duet with backing singer Jo and Laurie did surprised the audience by barking and howling wolf - is such a English humor.

After the official part of the Sting concert three times encore under relentless applause and shouts stood up to several thousand feet of the hall. Last heard in the evening gentle "Fragile" - the fragility of our world, which needs to be protected from violence. For some reason not in the program of the famous "Russians" - variations on a theme "want to whether Russian war?" Worried the entire Western world and Sting, in particular, during the Cold War. The ability to clothe the most pressing issues of the day in poetic style (not for nothing that Sting education teacher of literature!) And enchanting music has always been a distinctive feature of the leader of the hard-intellectual trend in rock music.

Very soon, the musician has a new album - "The Last Ship", which will be for Sting's first studio album in a decade. The tour is clearly fueled interest in the future creation of all attending the concert.

Some confessed that dropped a tear to your favorite songs, "Sting - this is my childhood idol, - a fan of Sting's Chelyabinsk Anna. - I fell in love for the songs, now wept for "Shape Of My Heart". Thank you to the people who brought the star here! ".

I could not hold back emotions and member of the "Ural Dixieland" Victor Ricker, 53 years old: "I know the music from the beginning. One of the first I bought a ticket for Sting, is an event not to be missed in any case! I believe that this show - the main event in Chelyabinsk in the last forty years. "

The friendly team of Kurgan rubbing bruised after a concert in the palm of applause. And the output of the arena there was a brisk trade in photographs of Sting with his autograph (if true?) For 300 rubles. A little further, craftsman hammered commemorative "gold": those who wish for 200 rubles could buy a coin with the logo of the British rock star and a picture of the Chelyabinsk meteorite on the back. Everyone tried to take away memories in addition to at least some piece of tangible evidence that Sting concert was a reality that filled the life of a new harmony.

(c) Kikonline by Xenia Maytama (translated by Google)
posted by Funt
Sting in Chelyabinsk! It was unbelievable! It is still unbelievable. But it was! And it was amazing! Thank you very much fo this show! We wait you in Chelyabinsk again!!!
posted by kirienko_t
It was unforgettable show, the best I've seen! Thank you so much!
posted by innes
Thank guys for this concert! Was realy wonderful! Sting was in Chelyabinsk! WOW!
posted by innes
People, that was a realy dream! Sting in Chelyabinsk! Wow! Such a professional concert! Such a professional work! Thank's a lot for this wonderful evening!
posted by QAM
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