Trudie Styler's Weight Loss Yoga by GAIAM available via iTunes...

June 20, 2014

With Trudie Styler's Weight Loss Yoga Application, you'll get four workouts to help you learn to use yoga to lose weight naturally. The stresses of daily life can lead to unhealthy habits, including poor nutrition, lack of exercise and inadequate rest. Trudie Styler's Weight Loss Yoga helps you adopt a more balanced lifestyle to achieve your weight loss goals while creating a healthier body. ''Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss'' (18 minutes) helps you to cleanse and strengthen. ''Total Body Yoga'' (24 minutes) adds extra challenge and builds strength. ''Yoga Abs'' (15 minutes) improves core strength and posture. ''Chair Yoga'' (35 minutes) is an easy-to-follow routine for people new to yoga or easing back into practice. For more info please visit


Jun 18, 2014
"The message you brought to the world 25 years ago is as important, in fact it’s even more important now as it was then. It is absolutely crucial that the people of the world are again made aware of these growing issues and what we can all do to address them. There are years of hard work ahead for the Rainforest Foundations and other NGOs who work to support these communities but there is also something very simple we can all do. We can listen to this man, my friend, Chief Raoni and his nephew, Chief Megaron, and learn from their experiences. They have valuable lessons about our world from which we can all benefit. Ultimately, this developing, progressing world we live in needs to recognise that these forest communities are not a ‘problem’ but that they are actually an implicit part of the solution to the global problems we now all face….Through upholding histories, we can protect futures." - Sting.
Jun 14, 2014

Sting's Broadway-bound musical The Last Ship explores the songwriter's past while playing an out-of-town tryout in Chicago. It's risky business for a rock music legend to make the leap to Broadway as a musical's lyricist and songwriter. Taboo, by Culture Club's Boy George, and Paul Simon's The Capeman, were no smash hits. After months of postponed openings, U2's Bono and The Edge found uneven success with Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark. Although he struck out with Lestat, Elton John found success with The Lion King and Billy Elliot. And Cyndi Lauper hit the jackpot when she won a Tony for Kinky Boots. Now, Sting is taking a stab at the Great White Way with his very personal musical, The Last Ship...