Sting: My Songs Tour

Clermont Ferrand, FR

Au Zénith d'Auvergne, 7,000 personnes pour chanter avec Sting...

7,000 personnes ont répondu à l'invitation lancée par Sting mercredi 2 novembre, au Zénith d'Auvergne, à Cournon (Puy-de-Dôme).

Temps additionnel ou presque. Sting est sur scène depuis 90 minutes environ. Every breath you take fait se lever un Zénith fort de 7,000 fans, pour certains de la première heure, celle de The Police.

Bientôt tous repartiront  en chantant Rooooxane dans leur voiture, c’est obligatoire, hein ! Vous l’avez fait, dites-le. Comme vous avez fredonné Walking on the mooon, Shape of my heart, Brand new day, Message in a bottle, Englisman in New York, voire le Marley qui a suivi So lonely. Autant de tubes inscrits au patrimoine mondial de la pop-rock qui, mercredi soir 2 novembre, ont défilé, c ’est le mot, en rangs serrés.

Sinon ? Une scénographie sans fioritures, les chansons et leur interprète - qui porte toujours incroyablement le slim à plus de soixante-dix ans - n’ont pas besoin de grand-chose pour exister sinon quelques musiciens très pointus et un gros son bien propre. Une excellente soirée.

(c) La Montagne by Julien Dodon

posted by caroguzzi
great concert
It was the first time I went alone to a concert and enjoyed every minute of it. As I know Sting likes Sweets, I bought him this time a local product. A very kind man threw it on the podium, I hope Sting got it. Joe opened the concert, he really worked a lot on his voice and performed with a enormous enthusiasm and positive energy His setlist: - Hope - Looking for Me Looking for You - You You You - Don't Change the Love - See You Again - Two Sisters - Jellybean between Joe and Sting, they’d put the on the last album from Shaggy and in fact I happen to like it. The band members came on and then Sting, of course in his old t-shirt or what has left of it, his enthusiasm was wonderful. I’m so happy he has his microphone fixed on himself and he moved a lot on the podium and that was just great. Dominic was as usual, a real gentleman with a beautiful smile when he smiles His setlist was: Message In A Bottle Englishman In Ny Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Intros If It's Love For Her Love Rushing Water If I Ever Looos My Faith In You Fields Of Gold Spirits In The Material World Brand New Day Shape Of My Heary ` What Could Have Been Whenever I Say Your Name Walking On The Moon So Lonely (Avec Everything Gonna Be Alright - Bob Marley) Desert Rose King Of Pain Every Breath You Take - Roxanne Fragile
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