Sting: My Songs Tour

Chicago, IL, US
Ravinia Festival
Show Report
Show report coming soon
posted by goldenfields
Superb Show
Sting, his son Joe and the talented band put on a terrific show Saturday evening at Ravinia. All were in top form and while focusing on Sting’s greatest hits as a show touring the “My Songs” album should, it was great to hear a few new songs off “The Bridge” album. Great to see and hear top performers enjoying themselves and the audience and how comfortable Rufus Miller has become as a key band member. My wife and left smiling and thinking. Pure joy.
posted by stevesz
2019 Ravinia Experience
Elaborating on plaster3000’s comment… The venue itself is very nice. I am sure the performers are treated first-class and this is a major reason they keep coming back. The problem is the fellow seat holders who are not engaged in the show. When Sting was there in 2019, one of the shows was spoiled by the people behind us chatting, among other things, trivial details of their commute to the venue - basically restating their navigation system turn-by-turn with minute details added. Then talking about how they were going to get home mid-way through the show. Why bother coming if all you are going to do is talk or plan your departure? It didn’t sound like they wanted to be there.
posted by stevesz
Where is the pre-sales?
"The presale for these shows will commence on Friday, April 29 at 11.59pm" ...It's 12:08am April 30 - where is the pre-sales link???
posted by plaster3000
Ravinia is not kind to non-donors
They allow donors to spend the entire month of March and April picking tickets. These donors pay $1000 of dollars. I’m the 5-6 times I’ve seen Sting here, he’s been fantastic but the crowd is rude, does not stand up and yells at you for dancing and having fun…and we’ve been pushed and had our seats pushed from behind. A lot of rude. I wish Sting would pick another venue up that way.
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