Sting & Shaggy: The 44/876 Tour

Jacksonville, FL, US
Daily’s Place

Sting & Shaggy Brings Jamaican vibe to Jacksonville!


Who would think Sting and Shaggy on stage together!!! Daily’s Place in Jacksonville Florida took on this Happy Dynamic Duo on Friday, September 14th, 2018 with alternating Hit songs like “Message in a Bottle” and “Don’t make me Wait“.


The whole concert had a rasta reggae feel mixed with back up singers that brought out the soul of real African and America Gospel music. Sting was seamless, and ageless portraying an image and voice that could literally be heard back in Time as if the 80’s and 90’s had never passed. Like a time capsule saved in a politically changing world. To see Sting live was an epic experience for sure one of the top performers I’ve ever experienced live.


So if you are one of those fans who is still holding on to an old Police CD or your Mp3’s are overflowing with Sting I would for sure take the op to attend this show if you get a chance. It was a diverse crowd and I watched as people were brought to there feet for a little reggae movement. The air was happy with a lot of sing-alongs, Smiles, and excitement to see such a legend in concert. It was an experience to commemorate.


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