The Last Ship (Benefit Shows)

New York, NY, US
Anspacher Theater
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posted by captaindon
The Last Ship has Sailed
I heard Sting and the Police in about 1979 in a small club and had to purchase a set of bass pedals within weeks. I was playing bass in a local band. I have followed his music for many years and also attended several concerts. My wife and I attended The Last Ship and had the opportunity to meet Sting prior to his performance. This was incredibly exciting. Sting was very warm and polite to everyone. We sat front row center during the concert in a very intimate setting with 260 people. What a performance. Sting's vocals and playing just get better and better with time. How does the best get better? The Last Ship has success written all over it. I almost felt as if the play had begun as I watched Sting and Jimmy Nail sing and communicate back and forth with such strong expression. Each band member had so much emotion not to mention awesome talent. Jo Lowry is a real talent. Thank you Jo and Jimmy for taking the time to chat with us. I could go on and on. We were so fortunate to meet some of the band members at the hotel where we were staying. I am sorry that I did not meet Dominic. I enjoy his playing so much. Thank you Sting for the meet and greet and the picture. I cannot wait for The Last Ship to open. Please keep writing, recording and performing. I love the small venues.
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