St. Johns, NF, CA
Mile One Stadium
Sweet Sting of success...

Amidst the cheers last winter. when it was announced Sting would visit St. John's on his Back to Bass tour, were the inevitable moans. "Dinosaur rock," some groused.

It is true.

At 61, the artist formerly known as Gordon Sumner has enjoyed little recent notoriety.

His latest chart-topping solo hits are a good decade gone, and the first ones to cheer that New Wave sensation, The Police, are old and grizzled.

Fans of today's music might see him, as one wag stated, "another washed-up has-been."

Think what you want, youngster. Sting packed One Mile Centre Wednesday night, and none of those terms came to mind.

Instead, the gathered thousands cheered, danced and welcomed the bassist and band with unbridled enthusiasm.

True, it's not as if we Newfoundlanders (not sure about the Labradorians) don't love us some classic rock.

Heck, the biggest shows in the last five years have been solid gold, back when gold was worth something. Neil Young, John Fogerty, Leonard Cohen, Deep Purple - need we go on? The promoters know this, and we enjoy the fruits of their labours every summer and, more and more, throughout the year.

It's not like we're alone in this, people. St. John's is just one stop for all these acts, and they're not playing Joe's Bar and Grill in the bigger towns.

Sting's Back To Bass tour started in 2011, launched its Canadian leg in May and has been collecting stunning reviews and huge crowds at every stop.

The tour is built on simplicity; six musicians, a bit of razzle, some musical dazzle. Original E-Streeter David Sancious sits at the Keyboard, with drummer Vinnie Colaiuta and guitarist Dominic Miller, violin and mandolin from Peter Tickell and the added richness of Jo Lawry's backing vocals.

It's a tight, intimate group you might like to see at Joe's, but they had no trouble filling every ear at Mile One.

Can we single out one performer as shining? No, Each brought maximum talent to the stage. Nicely chosen. (How does one get hired to play for Sting, anyway?)

On their feet from the moment the show opened with 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You', a Grammy-winning tune from 1993's 'Ten Summoner's Tales', the crowd ate it up.

Trim and fit, in black jeans and white T, Sting brought the funk from the start. Bass player, right?

And that voice, the voice that pulled The Police into the highest levels of popular music, and held the man himself there for years, remains nearly as crisp and bright as it has ever been.

Goading the audience into singing - it didn't take much - right at the second song, The Police classic 'Every Little Thing She Does', he jumped across the catalogue, the years, the many albums. And the styles.

Much of Sting's solo work tastes of jazz, has orchestral sweep, digs in for the heavy drive. All this he brings to the stage.

Never speaking too long, the singer did share the origins of 'Fields Of Gold' (the crops surrounding his English castle), his country-music ambitions (Johnny Cash covered his 'I Hung My Head") and his Screech-in experience (and resulting illness on Signal Hill, to great ovation.)

There was another ovation for 'Message In A Bottle', the 1979 Police single Sting has said is his favourite song.

Apparently he's not alone in that.

And at the end, after 'Roxanne', the encore came quickly, and the second just as quickly after the stalker anthem 'Every Breath You Take' and the third with one of The Police's best, 'Next To You'.

All still all were left wanting more as he eased them out with 'Fragile'.

What more could you want from a concert?

(c) The Telegram by Ken Simmons
posted by simongagne
Wrapped Around His Finger
What can I say? Great evening. Great music. Can't imagine a better two hours of entertainment. One of the best concerts ever in St. John's. As he left the stage he said he'd be back. We will hold you to that, Mr. Sting! You must return to St. John's!
posted by randywabush
Great Show
Last time I seen Sting was at The Police show Nov 8, 2007 in Toronto. Could not tell almost 8 years have gone by with this performance and his voice.
posted by sb709
The Concert was amazing last night!! Thanks for coming to our little corner of the world. Vinnie Colaiuta just the icing on the cake. Could have stayed for another hour of encores and maybe another instrumental (or two) One correction of the Set List there.. Wrapped Around Your Finger was played just after The Hounds of Winter.
posted by Robenglish
I cant express in txt how excited I am to finally see one of my all time favorite artists. I woke up at 5:30 this morning and couldnt get back to sleep. I dont have great seats but just being in the same building as him and seeing him and his band perform is going to be be a total thrill for me. It is going to be hard to concentrate at the office today and getting to meet him would actually split my wig. Still cant believe he will be in Newfoundland today and I really hope he loves it as much as all the other artists that come here and are blown away by how awesome this place is and it entices him to come back if not for a gig then to explore and appreciate our province.
posted by chipmunk
Can't wait!
I'm with you, Noble41. I also managed to get tickets in the pre-sale on Wednesday and am very thankful for them since the tickets sold out super quickly today. I saw Sting in Toronto in 2004 - flew up there just to see the show. He was the artist that was topmost on my bucket list. I can't believe I'm seeing him again in little Mile One. To all those who never got tickets, here's hoping that you luck in to some when it gets closer to the event.
posted by Noble41
Is it June yet?
Lots of negativity on here, and I'm not here to say it's unwarranted. I just wanted to leave a positive note to say that my finacée and I were lucky enough to get some pre-sale tickets, and we cannot wait until the show. We're big fans of Sting, and we know it's going to be a show to remember, for sure. Here's hoping some honest folk out there will sell their tickets at face value if they're unable to attend, and allow some true fans to experience the show.
posted by SeanMDawe
Tickets sold out already!
I started trying to access the ticket site at 12:00 and never even managed to get in. In the meantime, within minutes, scalpers have tickets all over Kijiji. There's something not right with the ticket purchasing system.


No, there is no second show.
posted by LisaRowe
2nd concert
is there going to be a second show


posted by Hilda
Are tickets available for Presale @10:00 a.m. NL time today.



The presale finished at 3pm local time on Friday 25 Jan.
posted by Carla1313
Tickets this morning
Your website says tickets go on sale at 10am and Mile One says noon on their website and when you call the recording says they aren't opening until noon. Can someone clarify please?


We are not selling public tickets. The venue or promoter must have altered the on-sale time.
posted by pcoish
Not enough info on site
I also spent the $ to get pre-sale tickets and the site doesn't tell you this until after you sign up and spend your money. Poor customer service if you ask me.


This is not the case. The presales finished at 3pm local time on Friday 25 Jan. It says this quite clearly at the top of the tour page.
posted by Hilda
Missed out
I just the $ for the membership and then found out that the presale is over. Disappointed. Hopefully I can get tickets on Monday.


The presales finished at 3pm local time on Friday 25 Jan. It says quite clearly at the top of the tour page.
posted by ijb
I was very disappointed as \i signed up as a paid member, but somehow could not access the tickets :-(


The presales finished at 3pm local time on Friday 25 Jan. It says quite clearly at the top of the tour page.
posted by KG
paid member and using my promo code from tour section to get seats today. when it directs me to site and I put code in it says "offer expired". was this a one day pre-sale only for 24th?!!


As per the info on the tour page the presale ended on Friday at 3pm local.
posted by brendabmp1
Pre-sale Promo Code
I can't find the promo code


You must be a paid member of the fan club to take part in the presale. If you are then login and visit the Tour page where your unique passcode is displayed.
posted by Crescent1
Is is too late for presage tickets? Just signed up.
posted by Yekip
I followed the instructions above for selecting 'tickets' for the pre-sale date and it redirects me to the venue site. When I enter the promo code I receive a message 'The promotional access code entered is invalid'. The only tickets I can seem to purchase are the VIP ones from VIP Nation.


Are you entering the right code? The code for VIP Nation tickets and the code for tickets are different.
posted by acmerob
Go down to the show in St. John's on that list ... right over to the right side you'll see "tickets" in orange. Click that... you'll have about 12 minutes to sign up with Mile One and enter your card info etc. At least that's what I had to do.
posted by acmerob
Got 'em thanks! Didn't see the "Tickets" beside the date! DUH! 2 great seats, looking forward to it already!!
posted by acmerob
Where do you find "the ticketing site"? I can't find where to buy the tickets. I am a paid memeber


If you are a paid member, login, go the tour page, get your passcode and follow the presale link that says "Tickets" next to the show your interested in.
posted by Breather
Where do I purchase tickets on the site? Cant seem to do it! I have a promo code...
posted by CMar
presale code
I signed up for the fan club but never received the presale code???


Are you a paid member? If you are not you can't take part in the presale. If you are then login and visit the tour page where your code is displayed.
posted by kimberlydawe
Got great tickets at 1105 but it only let me buy 2...wasn't prompted for four at any time...anyone know why?
posted by catheywill
got 2 on the floor
keep trying as the presale don't end til tomorrow
posted by 68c68
More seats available
1:04pm and there are more seats available so it is not sold out
posted by lisacoady
I got my tickets right at 11am and had a choice of floor seats or upper bowl with no problem can't wait to see the show!
posted by arsnewf
mile one sec 111
im in and im happy hope for second show on monday
posted by newfiejen
what the hell?
just got a set of tickets, entered my credit card #, then got a msg that promotion code no longer valid. We were on a time limit to get our tix or what?
posted by RhondaH
keep trying they must have opened up more seats I got two tickets at 12:11.
posted by Garfat
got tickets
By waiting until 12:00 St. Johns time, I was able to secure tickets - before then I had rec'd the 'cannot secure' message. So, worth a 2nd try.
posted by davehannon
Keep On Trying!!
I managed to get 4 great seats right out of the gate, my co-worker was not so lucky though. But after about 15-20 minutes he managed to get 2 seats in the section next to the stage, so don't stomp away from your computer screens just yet folks.
posted by stjohnsnl
Got tickets finally
Booted out first time round. Got back in less than 15 minutes ago. Picked up 4 great seats!!!
posted by Lcoady
It may be because you are trying for more than 2 tickets. Only 2 per show, 4 maximum.
posted by andrewgereid
no surprise
Just because you buy a fanclub membership, it doesn't mean you will get tickets. I bought the same sort of thing for Elton John a few years ago, and was shit out of luck when trying to order presale. You're best off practicing your quick typing skills come the day of sale.
posted by RhondaH
Regretably this appears to be a money grab by Live Nation. A $45 gamble. The $45 will not make me any more of a fan of Sting and no closer to seeing him.
posted by Jenjpeg
Got my tickets - really looking forward to the show!
posted by newfiejen
all I get is the "unable to secure seats" line as well. Now starting to wonder why I bought a membership at all. Looks like I will be camping outside mile one after all :|
posted by stingfan1450
Sting Fan
I was successful at exactly 11:00 a.m., now that it is an hour later, it is possible that the "fan club seats" are now sold out. The website does not specify how many seats they release for the pre-sale.
posted by mefan
sold out?
I am a paid fan club member. I got the promo code and got as far as choosing seat. After every option, all I got was a message that there were no tickets available in that cateogy. Hmmm, please tell me why I spent $45 on a fan club membership?
posted by Garfat
Help with tickets
When I log in - with my code - to the One Mile Centre - no matter at what price, all I get is "unable to secure tickets at this price level' - can anyone help me?
posted by StephenCadigan
Second concert in St. John's?
If this concert sells out quickly is there any chance a second show in St. John's will be added? I managed to get two $124.50 tickets, but I noticed the tickets were going fast.
posted by stingfan1450
Sting Fan
At 11:00 a.m., I got 4 tickets in Section 122. Decent section, I'm pleased. 4 tickets is the maximum you can purchase, using your promotional code.
posted by RhondaH
I've tried at any level - I'm a member and can't get seats!
posted by mundypond
More seats
I purchased three tickets. Mile One allows a maximum of 8. Tried to go back to buy two more but says my promotional code has already been used or is invalid. What gives?????


posted by Ksnow
Good Luck MKS
The rules state only 2 tickets per member. I hope your tickets get honoured, it would be a drag to get turned away.
posted by MPearl
can't find password
Hi, I've been trying since 11am but I can't seem to find the presale there somewhere else I should be looking?


Your unique passcode is available on the tour page if you are a PAID member. Only PAID members can see their password.
posted by suzette
so much for joining the fan club. got seats in row s on the floor. They are decent seats but I was hoping for at least access to the $125 seats.
posted by Topsle
... can you get a pass code from general membership Tks


No. Only Paid members can take part in the presale.
posted by MKS
Worth the 45 bucks. Just scored 4 seats on the boards at 110!!!!
posted by susanbw
Where do I find the password

>>>>> Your unique passcode is available to PAID members on the tour page.
posted by suzie01
We got ours..row G on the floor..awesome seats. No problem at all with the access code at 11 am, would not work until then. Bring it on ..can't wait!
posted by robertd12
I got fairly decent seats in 108... 95 each . there were best available at 11.00 that came up.
posted by Jenjpeg
Its passed 11am and it says I have in invalid promo code!
posted by stingcom
Use the presale link on the Tour page.
posted by stjohnsnl
ticket site?
@ 11 what site do we purchase tickets from?


Use the presale link on the Tour page or visit
posted by eastcoastguy
What kinda of seats are you being offerred are they good seats?
posted by eternal_fizzer
Mile One seating & prices
fyi - the seating layout and prices ($70-$125) are listed on the Mile One Centre site.
posted by stjohnsnl
didn't know the 'diff''
thanks for letting me know about the difference between legacy and new members. I'll wait until 11 to see what's available.
posted by Nicole1972
Very deceiving....
So basically we paid for a memebership and it doesn't give us anything more than the people who didn't!! Good work Sting!


You get access to the presales ahead of the public. As detailed in the ticket FAQ Legacy members who have been paid fan club members for over two years get a one hour window over new members in the presales. You are a new member so are entitled to join one hour after the longer term members.
posted by mundypond
Ticket prices
Anybody know the range of ticket prices??
posted by pcollins709
Legacy members are members who've had an account for at least 2 years. I understand they'll get first dibs on tickets @ 10am. New members have to wait until 11am. Fingers crossed!
posted by stjohnsnl
No Legacy
Geez ... what did I pay $45US for?
posted by lurch123
Everyone relax.....unless you r a paid member for two years, presale doesnt start untill 11
posted by robertd12
Stage set up
Is Mile One set up as Molson Theatre stage or Concert Stage for Sting ?
posted by Nicole1972
I paid for it, so I guess that would be a yes!


If your code begins STGN you are not a legacy member and won't get access until 11am. See
posted by stjohnsnl
Legacy Member?
is STGN a legacy member????
posted by robertd12
Is the concert: Molson Theatre Stage or Concert Stage setup for Sting
posted by Carla1313
You could have told us somewhere in the small print that only PAID members get pre-sale code. Pretty lousy service.
posted by Nicole1972
NO IT ISN'T!!!!!!!!
posted by stingcom
The presale is working.
posted by stjohnsnl
OMG ... what's happening
10 a.m. or 11 a.m.???
posted by Nicole1972
OMG... Not working!!!!!!!!


Are you a legacy member? It is working for legacy members. Just been in and been offered tickets.
posted by Carla1313
Where is the pre-sale code for St. John's. The sale started 7 minutes ago and nothing yet!!!


Only PAID members of the Fan Club get a presale code. Legacy members get access at 10am local and new members at 11am local.
posted by suzie01
My link won't work..says not on sale til 11 am today, this site says 10 am..anyone else having same issue?


Only PAID members of the Fan Club get a presale code. Legacy members get access at 10am local and new members at 11am local.
posted by LaurieAM
Pre-Sale Code
My pre-sale code didn't show up on the Tour Page like it was supposed too... Anyone else having this issue??
posted by Rexine
Looking fwd to the concert, the power of positive thinking . . . I will get tickets:)
posted by stingcom
Please see regarding the presale process.
posted by impalarob
What is the link for getting the presale tickets for Newfoundland on Thursday morning.
posted by stjohnsnl
will there be a presale for members?
posted by Deo
Time Fly Away!
I love the way your music has evolved.Can't wait to see you in St John's
posted by Osprey971
This is amazing
Would love to hear "Moon Over Bourbon Street" live in St. John's, NL
posted by Hilda
I want tickets...Thank You for coming to our province/city. Can't wait...will be anxiously waiting to get my tickets. Everything crossed that I can get them.
posted by terryan
A Dream Come True
I've always wanted to see you live and for years have been trying to figure out how! WOW! My dream is coming true!!!!
posted by Clarenceville
Vera "Can't Wait!!!"
Soooo excited about your visit to the rock! Sting, you are a legend! Can't wait to see you and would only dream of a VIP pass!!!
posted by LollyJ
How much are the tickets?
posted by Northwind33
Saw you perform at the Beacon Theatre in New York during your Sacred Heart Tour. Can't wait to see you again.
posted by robertd12
Thanks Sting for coming to St.John's. Can't wait. Only 154 sleeps...
posted by Frances89
I'm gonna kiss that Allan Doyle the next time I see him! THANK YOU FOR COMING TO OUR AMAZING LITTLE CITY BY THE SEA!!!!
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