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Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Sting at Red Rocks Amphitheatre...

Forget the 16 Grammy Awards and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame credentials. How many 61-year-old men can still rock skinny jeans?

He's still got it. Sting’s vocals still sound crystalline, his musical chops are uncanny and his catalog is the unabridged manifesto for Rock Theory 101. He's the original hipster - and the flattery is well-earned.

For his globe-trotting ''Back To Bass'' tour that hit Red Rocks Amphitheatre on Wednesday night, Sting stripped-down the production value and offered up a no frills, no gimmicks approach show. For the opener ''If I Ever Lose My Faith,'' Sting strolled out on stage with his bass in hand like he was doing a simple sound check. No operatic stage effects, no pyrotechnics, no fluff. It was a refreshing diversion from the overwrought stage designs that most large acts rely on for theatric spunk. The hits ensued quickly from there with ''Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic'' and ''Englishman In New York'' working the crowd into a silky web of Sting nostalgia.

If there is one knock on Sting, though, it is that his music does become a bit too self-reflexive, which can sometimes be a buzzkill. After an energized early set, the songs muddied into the lower gear of ''Demolition Man''off 1981's ''Ghost In The Machine'' and the dusty ''Hung My Head.'' Sting regained his momentum though with vintage Police standouts ''Driven To Tears'' and the sublime ''Message In A Bottle.'' ''Wrapped Around Your Finger,'' with its lush chorus and influential '80s gloss, was stellar.

To kick off the triple encore, Sting unleashed ''Desert Rose'' and ''Next To You'' in a mad fury. Whether you prefer him solo or adore the Police, there is no substitute for seeing a rock luminary live at Red Rocks. It is magic.

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posted by akraska
I am trying to get my pre-sale tickets. I am a paid member but do not know where to find the code. Can you please help :)


If you are a paid member, login, go the tour page, get your passcode and follow the presale link that says "Tickets" next to the show your interested in.
posted by tanasue
cost for VIP packages
Can anyone that has purchased a VIP package give me an idea what the cost is? And can you only purchase one VIP package per member? Would love to do it but I'm going with a friend and I'm ordering tickets. The way I read it there is one VIP ticket per package. Thanks for any info you've got!


See -
posted by mhogan
Sting at Red Rocks...5th row!! Woot woot!
posted by beth63111
Thanks! I have my VIP tix and will get to meet and greet Sting!!!!! Can't wait.
posted by dalek11ak
posted by Anakin
Yes indeed
Yes I'm paid, and logged in, I will go back and look, where should I see it


Just above where all the tour dates are listed in orange...
posted by Anakin
I am signed in as a member and don't see a presale code yet.


Are you a paid member? If you are not you can't take part in the presale. If you are then login and visit the tour page where your code is displayed.
posted by stingcom
Denver presale
The presale is on Jan 24 at 10am local time for legacy members and 11am today local time for new members.
posted by beth63111
When is member presale?
When will fan club member pre-sale take place for the Denver show? Thanks.
posted by stingcom
VIP Package Denver
Yes - see
posted by cristine1
Where are VIP packages
Any news if there will be any VIP packages, soundcheck invites, Meet and Greets or that kind of thing for the June 5th Denver show? Hope info comes before presale two days from now...Thanks!
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