Kelowna, BC, CA
Prospera Place
posted by pat_doyle
Even my 20 year old daughter was walking
This was the opportunity of a lifetime to see Sting in a small town. The audience was over the moon just to be there and the musicians gave back fully to all that adulation. My 20 year old daughter and I drove for 7 hours from Calgary the same day to catch this show. We both left the concert elated. Dominic, Vinnie, Jo, Peter, David and Sting, thanks for giving your show everything you had. You gave us a wonderful memory to last a lifetime.
posted by kjhfan
I really enjoyed the clean, pure music of the concert at Prospera Place on Thursday. I travelled a long way in order to hear my favourite Sting offering, "Fragile", and happily it was saved for the final gift. Thanks so much. The tears and cheers linger on. When the band gets to the maritimes, check out "les improbables", a jazz group that sing at Plan B on Friday nights in Moncton! They do an amazing instrumental version of "Fragile" that will do you proud! Cheers
posted by writergirl
loved it!
I didn't know that there was no opening band. Arrived at 8:00 expecting to sit through an hour of a band I did not pay to see. Instead, Sting sauntered on stage at 8:15 and just started right into his first song. No fancy intro....just him. No jumbo screens....just him and his amazing band. No crazy light show or fireworks....just amazing music and his wonderful presence. So creative, so lyrical.....I was completely impressed by his lack of pretension and commitment to artistry and integrity. What a great show! Definitely up there as one of my all time favourites! Thanks Sting!
posted by northerngirl
Saw the kick off to the tour in Kelowna last night and was blown away! Sting's vocals were incredible and he is playing better than ever! The band was exceptional and I was thrilled to be in view of Dominic Miller's talents! A terrific set list and a great time had by all including the band! Thank you for coming to our city!!!
posted by kraftykate
Went to the Kelowna concert last night. Amazing performance by Sting and all the band. Great choice of choice of songs and must say that Sting appeared to be really enjoying himself. I saw him on the Sacred Love Tour on his home turf in Newcastle - the concert was great but he didn't interact with the audience and it felt like he didn't want to be there. Last night was a totally different story - great rapport and it really did feel like everyone on stage was having as good a time as the rest of us! Well worth it, amazing musicians and an all round great performance.
posted by pat_doyle
Kelowna Pre-sale
Are the tickets for pre-sale onbly the $300 VIP package?


No, paid members can purchase 'standard' presale tickets.
posted by maninasuitcase12
Back to Bass... Again!
Saw Sting with Annie in Vancouver (Sacred Love Tour), then Broken Music Tour in Kelowna, & then Back to Bass Tour in Vancouver in December 2011. Every concert has been different, every concert has been great - I love how he reinterprets his songs (& his hair)! Back to Bass was my favorite (so far!) - Jo Lawry is a great backup singer, Peter Tickell was astounding on the electric fiddle, & it was nice to see the on stage chemistry between Dominic Miller & his son. It was also great to see the chemistry in the rhythm section between Sting & drummer Vinnie Colaiuta - clearly they were having a good time on stage! I must have been to almost 100 concerts, and you can tell when an artist is enjoying themselves or just going through the motions. If the crowd is as responsive as last time he came to Kelowna, this will be a show to remember!
posted by station42
Got my tickets and this concert is on my 21st wedding anniversary!!! Row 9 baby!
posted by Kittykittykitkat
Bought my tickets this morning! Can't wait!
posted by maureenm63
Cannot WAIT!!!
Have seen Sting twice and the last he was with Annie Lennox and it was the BEST concert ever!! I'm so excited that you're coming to Kelowna - I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!
posted by mimigi
Saw Sting when he came to Ktown last time. Fabulous!!!! Can't wait to see him again!
posted by Nicole01
1991, 2004, 2013!!
SO excited to hear about this tour!! Saw Sting in Calgary in 1991 and 2004 and can't wait for this year. I think this will be the best tour yet!!
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