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In case you were wondering, Sting's still got it...

A younger generation might know Sting as the British rocker behind Police hits like 'Roxanne' and the man behind vaguely-remembered '90s singles like 'Desert Rose'.

And indeed, it was an older crowd that packed the house at Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa in Atlantic City, New Jersey Saturday night as part of his summer-long tour. But just one song into his set, and it was more than clear why Sting is a music legend who is still selling out shows across the world and remains worthy of respect and awe by fans of all ages. At age 60, he's still got it.  

Rumored by his die-hard fans to be his best band yet, Sting was backed by a multi-talented group of musicians, including insanely gifted violinist Peter Tickell who, dare we say, stole the show at times.

There was no opening act, just a two-hour set played entirely by Sting and his band, and it didn't take long to see that it wouldn't have been easy, if not impossible, to properly set the stage for the music icon anyway.

The 2,400-seat venue was sold out for between $96 and $196 a ticket and fans were treated to more than 20 songs, including classics that were covered by Johnny Cash and Toby Keith like 'Hung My Head' and 'I'm So Happy'.

Between songs, Sting often mentioned his love for country music, even though he said he looks "stupid in a cowboy hat." A proponent of tantric sex, the singer has been quoted describing his own hours-long sexual escapades, and it wouldn't have been a proper Sting performance without him mentioning sex at least once - and he did, but only to say he doesn't understand why sex and religion are often separate, when the two are very clearly connected.

Sting, who appeared noticeably fit and youthful (must be all that tantric sex), also cracked up the crowd when describing his childhood in an industrial part of New Castle, England and how it inspired him to get in touch with nature later in life.

"I didn't see a tree till I was 15, so when I made a bit of money, I decided I would buy a little house in the country," he said. "Well, it was really more of a castle really."

At the end of the set, Sting thanked his fans for their raucous cheers and standing ovations in the form of two encores, a surprise treat he's been known to offer fans in past concerts.

Sting's next U.S. show is tomorrow, June 12, at Artpark in Lewiston, NY. Tickets are still on sale here. After that, he's globetrotting for the rest of the summer from Canada to Russia to show the world that he's clearly in his prime.

(c) by Cassandra Garrison

Sting at the Borgata Event Center...

It was a night of classic Sting & the Police hits and some deep album tracks and the capacity crowd at the Borgata Event Center loved every minute of it.

Sting really made a love connection with the faithful who answered back to every call and response and sung along to a point where he commented that they were in 'very good voice tonight.' In other words, Sting was having fun in Atlantic City and it showed.

The set list reflect Sting's musical diversity, even commenting that Johnny Cash recording one of his songs. Sting talked about enjoying country music but said the fans do not buy him as a country artist as he's not Southern. In fact, Sting is not even from the Southern part of England.

(c) by Marc Berman

Sting in concert at Borgata Casino, Hotel, & Spa in Atlantic City...

Sting, early in his career had the ability to make young women break into tears of joy and hands to face screams, (including my daughters) when they saw him with the Police or as a solo performer. Saturday night, June 9, 2012, Sting spritely walked on stage in the Event Center at Borgata Casino, Hotel and Spa. Wearing a light grey t-shirt with short cropped hair, Sting once again had the women in the audience yelling his name and waving at him even before he sang the first note of 'All This Time'.

When he struck the first notes of the second tune of the evening, the well known Police hit 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic', The screams of his fans (primarily female) filled the room seemed louder as many of them jumped to their feet and danced at their seats, hands in air and singing the words. The sixteen song set included his country-inspired song of 'I Hung My Head'.

When the encore came around, fans jumped to their feet to sing and dance to 'Desert Rose', 'King of Pain', and 'Every Breath You Take'. Sting, after all these years fills a room with loyal fans who love the warmth and sound of their musical icon.

(c) by Donald Kravitz
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Borgata Show
Just one of the best performances. My husband I have made every concert held in New Jersey and Philadelphia over the last six years. Sting delivered as always. Desert Rose had the whole audiance up on their feet and every song just carried us all away on a journey over the last 20 years. Please do more East Coast concerts and hit the studio soon. Your Fans need more...
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Sting at his peak!
Incredible show, one of the best by maybe his best band ever directed by Sting who has clearly honed his craft in directing, arranging, singing, playing the bass, to the point that he could very well be at his best today post 60. This band kicks a$$! Again, hats off to Howard Page for giving me the best mix I have heard in a Sting concert again, if not for the incredible sound from Howard Page, I would not have flew from Denver to New York, drive 3 hrs to Atlantic City for this show (I flew into LGA so I could visit some family prior to leaving this morning). It was still a trek waking 3:30 AM Denver time yesterday but more than worth it.

I must say, seeing World Trade Center One tower above the New York skyline while driving over the Verrazano bridge brought back many emotions, what a sight, breathtaking just to see it from such a distance.

Onto the show. First off, David Sanscious keyboards made a huge difference, great hearing him in Hung My Head, among many other songs, I just wish Sanscious had more or I should say some solo time. I remember a short beautiful solo from him in Shape of My Heart in a mini tour a few yrs back, instead Tickell took it over. Frankly, Peter Tickell has it all, stage presence, looks, incredible player but is it fair for me to say he had too much spotlight? Could David at least take back over the short Shape of My Heart solo? Do I dare equate him to Sting's new Branford Marsalis? Am I wrong for on the verge of calling it the Peter Tickell show or maybe the Sting featuring Peter Tickell? Maybe as a player, he may not yet be up to Marsalis' talent but he is not far off, the kid really can play, and has incredible energy, good looks and incredible stage presence. Peter Tickell if given the opportunity to be Sting's featured soloist on say a 2 year tour (hopefully accompanying a new album) I think has the potential to surpass the success of a Branford Marsalis or Chris Botti in a solo career.

Dominic sounded great, had some great solos and of course Vinnie, boss drummer, playing slightly more muted than the first leg IMO, that's not a bad thing, it's just cool to see such incredible players like Vinnie and David focus more on the song and not trying to steal the spotlight, you know, how Cope(cough)land does it. Instead, Vinnie waits for the appropriate time to burn, and did so brilliantly when necessary, but his finesse was present throughout even in the soft songs. Jo provided excellent accompaniment to Sting as always. Sting was in brilliant form, vocals and bass.

Set list wise, I missed Ghost Story and Fortress, personally, I think Demolition Man is not working as well as it did at the beginning, maybe the band is getting a bit bored playing it, I was never a big fan of it. How about Nothin Bout Me instead? Dominic rocked the house on Driven to Tears.

Overall, one of the best performances by maybe Sting's best solo band, I can only hope after the summer tour, Stings hits the studio with this band, releases an album after a 10 yr break and tours for two years with them. If it does not happen this yr, and he instead focuses all his energies on the Broadway musical The Last Ship, it may then be true that we have heard the last pop record from Sting, sad to say.

It was indeed a pleasure meeting the Doctor prior to the show, a short but awesome meeting with Baht.
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