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Legendary rock musician made his first appearance in the capital of Tatarstan...

On 2 July Sting appeared in Kazan. A few years ago it seemed impossible. The night before the concert of the legendary British rock musician to become a reality. Together with the orchestra Tatar Academic Opera and Ballet im.M.Dzhalilya Sting sang his own songs and hits of ''The Police'' in the stage of ''Tatneft-Arena''.

Kazan heard the program 'Simphonicity', specifically for a world hits Sting have been reworked for the performance of a symphony orchestra.

Orchestra musicians Tatar Opera and Ballet Theater, invited to speak with the superstar, learned the musical material is sent well before the concert. On the day of performances held their rehearsal with musicians Sting and conductor Sarah Hicks. And in the evening Tatar theater orchestra coped brilliantly with this task, earning the praise of Sting's right during the show.

Musicians just started to set up the tools to take their places on stage as the audience, hearing the familiar first notes, has already started to applaud. Sting, who came exactly 2 minutes after the musicians, the hall has met a storm of applause. The singer bowed, straightened his arms, as if against the wind and began to sing.

The audience reacted to his every move and every note full of. The fact that all tickets for sold-out could be no doubt - a hall, which seats 10 thousand spectators, was filled to capacity.

Sting sang the famous 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You' then presented Tatarstan Orchestra and its musicians, including guitarist Dominic Miller, a wonderful vocalist Joe Lowry, and, of course, conductor Sarah Hicks, who does not just conducted the orchestra, and danced to the music.

Conductor himself was Sting. He skillfully managed the mood of the audience, which was set up perfectly. Each song is accompanied by and ended with standing ovations, with admiring exclamations. Chorus of the next hit 'Englishman in New York' listeners know by heart and sang along with Sting. After another blast wave of applause to the singer carried a guitar, and sounded 'Roxanne'. Then sounded 'Mad about You', 'When We Dance' and finally, 'Russians' in blood-red lighting. In this song about the Russian Sting used the tune of ''Romance'' from Suite ''Lieutenant Kizhe'' by Sergei Prokofiev. 'Russians' was written during the Cold War, but still finds a ready response in the hearts of listeners.

No less bright were performed and other hits, such as, 'Field Of Gold', 'Next To You', after which Sting in good Russian announced a 20-minute break. The second part of the concert opened the famous 'Shape Of My Heart'. The song 'This Cowboy Song' remember provocative dancing cowboy singer and guitarists. Prior to the 'Moon Over Bourbon Street' Sting on stage clothed in a dark coat over a red lining, the light dimmed. The scene where the only decoration was a dark curtain, plunged into gloom, creating an image of the vampire horror stories, thanks to special lighting. 'Every Breath You Take' became the latest in the concert program, and then Sting bowed and said, ''Thank you'' and left the scene. Leave he was given a short time. The walls of ''Tatneft-arena'' vibrated with applause of spectators who wanted to continue.

Sting came out and sang a song that his fans waited in particular - 'Desert Rose'. The singer sang and made movements with his arms inviting the audience as if to say, ''Go as close'' and the crowd surged forward. Filled to overflowing dance floor erupted in the vip-zone and filled all the standing room near the stage. Leaving a second time for an encore Sting sang 'She's Too Good For Me' and lyrical 'Fragile'. The last song was the 'Message in a Bottle', which Sting played the guitar without the orchestra.

A stunned audience once again did not want to let go of the idol from the scene, but the concert was finished. Sting thanked the audience for a great reception, and departed. Hall stood accompanied the legendary singer, who gave the people of Kazan memorable concert. The capital of Tatarstan is another step in the direction to rightfully be called the third capital of Russia.

© Tatar-inform by Lucius Kamalov (Translated by Google)