Outlandos d'Amour

Hatfield, GB
Hatfield Polytechnic
Police raid Hatfield...

Andy Summers from ''One Train Later'': ''On February 21 we drive up the M4 motorway, past the sign that says Hatfield and the North, a sign that groups know as a constant reminder that once again they are about to travel away from home locked in a grimy van with a pile of drums and amps. Oddly, no one to our knowledge has ever seen or been to Hatfield, and the general belief among bands is that it does not actually exist. But today we are in high dudgeon because, as if visiting the ancient ruins of Ephesus, we are actually going to see Hatfield - or at least the college. After getting over the wonders of Hatfield, we perform in the evening to a raucous college crowd. We play 'Message in a Bottle,' 'So Lonely,' and 'Can't Stand Losing You,' and they roar with approval. We are nervous because this show seems to represent a chance to break through, but now fueled by the tours on the East Coast and the Albertos, we manage to stay loose enough to get through it with enough fire and conviction to deliver a strong set. Stewart and I also add backing vocals even though it's not our forte; the parts we play are too complicated for a lot of oohing and aahing, but we do it anyway.''