Sacred Love

Wantagh, NY, US
Jones Beach Amphitheaterwith Dominic Miller & Annie Lennox
Thoughts on Jones Beach...

For what it's worth, here are my thoughts on last night's show:

First, the setlist. It is true that there is not enough Sting for my taste... but then again, he could do a 24-hour marathon of his amazing, breathtaking catalogue of music... and I would still ask him to start again at the beginning and never stop! That being said, Annie Lennox was phenomenal, and if you are not already a fan I think you will leave having been converted. When the two acts are taken together, you are getting a terrific evening of music.

Still, I very much missed hearing 'Inside' and 'Stolen Car'. And while I personally love 'This War', it turns some people off... this was certainly true last night in ultra-Republican Nassau County (I felt like a liberal infiltrator and almost got into a heated argument with someone about a remark Annie Lennox made in support of Fahrenheit 911... but that's another story!) Now it may well be that Sting has intentionally left it in because he enjoys provoking people... but in a concert venue I gotta say, to what end??

To those who have already seen the show, what do you make of the new ending on 'Dead Man's Rope'? It's way too ''giddy-up'' Country for my taste... and seems to almost destroy a song that in its original form brings me to tears.

Someone else posted something about the backdrop shown during 'Sacred Love'. Gotta agree... it was like a visit to the Badda Bing Club (reference: Sopranos). I don't get it. The lyrics elevate sexual love to a religious experience. Why then am I looking at women about to offer up a lap dance?

Something else I must get off my chest, although it has nothing to do with Sting. I was surrounded by some of the rudest, crudest people with whom I have ever had the displeasure to share a concert. People were using cell phones to impress their friends with where they were, they were discussing their weekend plans during slow songs, and the guy in front of me had on earplugs and kept complaining that the music was too loud. Another kept complaining whenever people stood up (YOU sit through 'Synchronicity'. I'll stand and dance, thank you!)I don't know why some of them were even there! I am hoping for much better company in Saratoga on Sunday night!

All this constructive (I hope) criticism, and yet... I love this man, I love to watch him and listen with amazement to the beautiful way he puts words together to express sentiments in a way I can only wish I had thought of myself. I have to admit that by the time the encore rolls around, I am no longer singing along WITH Sting... I am singing TO Sting. With all my heart, I feel he is someone I will not lose faith in, and I do keep watching and awaiting with anticipation every brilliant musical step he takes! And it will last a thousand years. Even with long hair (I don't really like it), and way too over-dressed for my taste.

Was it perfect? Nah, I didn't get to meet him and hang out after the show! Was I glad to be there? Yeah, always.

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