Sting & Dominic Miller sat down with Rick Beato for an interview...

November 20, 2021

"I have waited years to be able to have this conversation with Sting and longtime guitarist Dominic Miller. It was recorded at The Power Station Berklee NYC. Sting shares his thoughts on the creative process, songwriting and his music past, present and future. We discuss both The Police and his solo career as well as his influences from J.S. Bach to the Beatles." - Rick Beato



Nov 19, 2021

Be sure to tune into Good Morning America on November 19 when Sting will be dropping in on album release day! Sting's forthcoming album 'The Bridge'is a collection of songs "bridged by people being between worlds, between one place and another, between one state of mind and another, between life and death, between relationships… Everyone is between." Set your reminders!

Nov 16, 2021

Nihal Arthanayake presents an afternoon of news, big name interviews and conversation. Guests include Sting, Seonaid McKintosh, and Yrsa Daley Ward. BBC Radio 5 on November 18 from 1pm. The programme will later be available to listen to on demand...