The Last Ship berths in Leeds - positive reviews continue...

May 03, 2018

The Last Ship has continued its voyage having this week berthed in Leeds at the beautiful Grand Theatre. The reviews continue to be extremely positive as they have been in Northampton, Birmingham, Liverpool and Newcastle. If you're quick you can still catch The Last Ship at the Grand as it runs until Saturday, 5 May before moving on to Nottingham.

Entertainment Focus commented: "The Last Ship is a very different-feeling musical among its peers. It’s decidedly modern with its technical presentation and structured storytelling, yet it embraces the gentle narrative pace of classic stage drama. Reimagining an important, local story about pride, partnership and purpose, this stirring and haunting production offers an insight into the recent past, with a shocking poignancy for the present. Be sure to see it before it sets sail."

North West End commented: "Richard Fleeshman has grown into a genuine leading man, and when this show hits the West End this charismatic performer must be odds on for an Olivier nod as he masters tricky numbers like The Night The Pugilist Learned How To Dance, as will his sparring partner Frances McNamee as Meg who puts him in his place during the spirited If You Ever See Me Talking To a Sailor. Both are powerful singers who invest real emotion and wit into the estranged childhood sweethearts. Every one of a talented supporting cast are clearly heavily invested in this timely and unashamedly political piece that asks us to learn from our recent history in this era of Brexit and austerity. Kevin Wathen contributes a bluesy roar as drunken shipbuilder Davey and Joe Caffrey is in equally good voice as the bolshie shop steward."

British Theatre Guide commented: "The Last Ship is splendidly acted and sung by a talented ensemble. Richard Fleeshman, one of the rising talents of British musical theatre, makes a charmingly down-to-earth leading man. Frances McNamee impresses as his old flame Meg... Katie Moore ensures that Ellen is much more than a prickly teenager, and her complicated relationship with her parents is sensitively played. There are also excellent performances from Joe McGann and Charlie Hardwick, who invest their characters with great warmth and dignity. Their portrayal of a long-running marriage is deeply moving."

Always Time For Theatre commented: "The Last Ship is a truly beautiful piece of theatre shedding light on the personal stories behind political turmoil of the past. Designs are contemporary and versatile, impressively conjuring a ship or a church where there was a living room a second before – no set pieces needed. Yet while the stories told are important, refreshingly different and delivered with visual beauty, it remains Sting’s music and lyrics which crowns this show. The diversity of mellow folk song sounds, latino scores and the all-out roaring of impassioned, relentless people is glorious..."

<p>The Last Ship continues at the Grand Theatre until Saturday 5 May. Tickets are still available here.</p>


May 2, 2018

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