Holiday message from Sting - and your chance to get a signed My Songs album!

December 14, 2019

Check out Sting's holiday message to members and when you've watched it you can then enter to win a signed copy of the My Songs album. We have twelve copies (7 CD's and 5 vinyl releases) to give away to members, so if you'd like a chance to win one of them be sure to fill in the form sometime over the next twelve days up to Christmas! If you would like to leave a Christmas message for Sting feel free to use the comment form



posted by normandee
Very dear Sting, I'me late. But nevertheless, my feellings and wishes remain sincere. Hope this new year will be a wonderful one for you. I hope I can see you again on stage in France, in 2020. Take your time, french people adore you and that they always wait for you. I'm one of them for so many years. Stay the way you are. I like your french accent, so special, so unique, your Wallsend's accent, not far from the scottish's one. how you roll the R ! Normandee
posted by musicteacher
Happy Christmas, Sting!
Dear Sting, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and I wish you all the best for a Happy (and healthy) New Year. It's shaping up to be an extraordinarily busy year for you, so I hope you are able to have a restful holiday with your loved ones before all the excitement begins. Hoping you'll be back in Southwestern Ontario sometime soon. With much love, Barbara x
posted by pepijn7
Happy Holidays!
We’ll toast on New Years with one of your nice wines, we bought in your special Il Palagio Farm Shop in Italy. Looking forward to see you in the summer of 2020 at GentJazz, after having seen you play with our marvellous band in Groningen last summer. Wishing a Merry Christmas and an very inspiring and happy new year to you & Trudy, your beautiful family and your band members. With love from the Netherlands, Pepijn, Jane & Nathan.
posted by anke65
Holiday Message
Dear Sting, Thanks for your busy entertainment. It is a great life's work. Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year. Greetings to the whole team and family. Anke
posted by stephan_s
Merry Christmas
Thank you, Sting! For an inspiring year with wonderful Music and fantastic concerts! Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year! See you again in 2020!
posted by emma
Holiday wish
Dear Sting, Thank you for your heartfelt message, for the outstanding music and lyrics, for the insightful quotes, for all that you stand for, and for all the warmth and hope that you bestow upon us with every word and everything that you do. Sending you lots of love for Christmas and beyond and wishing you a healthy and wonderful New Year, to you and your family. Emma
posted by stingling_all_over
Merry Christmas
Hey Sting - Wishing you and everyone at a very magical Christmas. Here's hoping that 2020 is your favorite year. Thank you for your exceptional music and your service to our planet. You still touch me!
posted by belle441
Happy Christmas!
Wishing all a very happy holiday season..!! Thank you for starting my 2019 off right Sting with your residency in Toronto in TLS. I enjoyed several performances . Looking forward to Vegas and all that 2020 may bring to us all!! XXX
posted by gertie7
Merry Christmas, Sting!
Merry Christmas, Sting! Thanks for another great year of music and fun. I'm looking forward to seeing The Last Ship sail again in Washington, DC in 2020! Fair winds, and following seas to you and yours in the New Year! Margie
posted by seanpotter
Gabriel's Message
Jingle bells jingle bells Jingle all the way Oh what fun it would be If Sting played in the UK .... Hey ! Merry Christmas to everyone! Sean x
posted by cheryl
Merry Christmas from Desert Rose in Vega
Dear Sting, Sorry to have missed the Rainforest benefit, my 1st time forever, have been touring myself. I will be in Vegas, my home base for your Vegas run and I hope I can belly dance for you there again. I am coming to the Last Ship in LA and hope to connect. So many blessings and happiness for the new year. I wish you and your family beautiful holidays! I thank you for inspiring my life in so many ways. Big Love, Cheryl Slader
posted by Megmix2000
Merry Christmas STING♡ How is your shoulder? I was worried. Thank you for your hard work for one year. Please come to Japan again. Ramen is also waiting for you!! KISS&HUG MEGUMI
posted by victorianunu
Счастливого праздничного настроения :)
Самым запоминающимся событием 2018 года был концерт в Ледовом дворце г. Санкт-Петербург. Как мы пели вместе с вами ! Такие счастливые несколько часов были :) Самым запоминающимся событием 2019 года был концерт на Sammer festival Lucca , растворились в музыке :) Так до новых встреч в 2020 ! Ваши концерты - наша традиция ! Люблю вашу музыку всем сердцем !
posted by soulcage62
Merry Christmas Mr Sting
Hope you and your family have a great time, and hopefully you can bring The my songs tour to the UK next year.....
posted by zizzu_74
Krisztinas' Christmas Message
Thanks for the kind christmas wishes. I wish you and your family a peaceful merry christmas and an excellent, prosperous 2020! I'm still loving your songs and voice
posted by JodyAdele
Happy holidays!
Happy holidays and a Merry Christmas to Sting and all the talented musicians, actors, and crew. I'm looking forward to the show at Caesar's in May and hope to catch the Last Ship again while it's on tour - I had the pleasure of enjoying it twice in NYC. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all, you bring joy and hope in an era when it is much needed. Warm Regards, Jody
posted by rkannegieter
New Year wish
I wish everybody a very healthy and musicfull 2020 from Aruba with love, Cheers, René
posted by goldenfields
Merry Christmas Sting
Thanks for another year of musical gifts from you Sting in terms of recordings and performances. Discovering and appreciating your music many years ago has been the gift that keeps on giving. Continued health and success in the New Year to you and yours. Thanks to your terrific band and so great to see Dominic well and playing with Rufus, the road crews, your management, the great team at and my fellow members. I remember you once saying in an interview that before you start a project you always say "do I have something to say." You always do and there can never be enough Sting music and performance in the world. Please remember and believe that. Philip
posted by Cdave66
Seasons Greetings
I would like to wish Sting, the band, the crew, the management team, the Last Ship team, Trudy, all the family and all fellow fans a very Merry Christmas. And hoping for more great things from The Lord God in 2020. For 2020, it’s the 40th anniversary of ‘Don’t stand so close to me’, the most successful single of 1980 in the UK and of course, the great Police album, Zenyatta Mondatta. Could we ask for a nod towards this album as a celebration during the live shows next year. Merry Christmas, one and all. Conrad cdave66
posted by trainercoach
Thank you STING
Merry christmas to you and everyone who is listening to your music. See you next year in germany :-)
posted by Debbie73
thanks STING!
Merry christmas to you my dear @theofficialsting .I wish you a happy new year too..I would like to thank you for living an extraordinary exausting way of life...from one side to the other side of the world, which let your fans from all over the world (like me)to have the chance to see you singing, and acting and a lot of things more.You never give up, altough you had some difficulties (a torn tendon in your shoulder, problems with your voice...).I love the way you look for some different experiences with singers from all over the world.And please continue improving your voice the way you is really EXCEPTIONAL.kisses from a humble fan. I wish to see you soon in Barcelona.
posted by yuri5253
I always listen to your songs.
I always listen to your songs. I am encouraged. I'm fine. I want to listen forever. Surely I will bring your CD to a nursing home. Listen every day. I will watch your concert at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas next May. I am looking forward to it. Please make great songs forever. I have been your fan forever. From Yuriko to Mr. Sting that I respect.
posted by seanpotter
Gabriel’s Message
Oh Jingle bells
posted by Debbie73
Thank you STING
Merry christmas to you my dear @theofficialsting
posted by seanpotter
Gabriel’s Message
Oh jingle bells
posted by alie
Happy Christmas
Hi Sting Hope you’ve enjoyed your evening at the RAH- my favourite place! Wishing you a lovely Christmas and a happy new year. Hope to see you next year.... here’s hoping you might make it to the Isle of Wight. Love and best wishes Alison.xx
posted by caroguzzi
Have a merry merry Christmas
I wish you and your dear Trudie a merry merry Christmas and an exciting new year Love Caroline “nougat”
posted by Zekeriya
Message in a web
Merry Christmas and happy new year. May you keep on having a healthy life in 2020.
posted by lynetteten
Merry Christmas
Thank you Sting for all you do, and Merry Christmas to you and Trudie and your family
posted by sylviane62
Je souhaiterais être présentée à Sting, peut-être le Père Noël m'entendra
posted by Vivix
Merry Christmas!
Thanks for your Christmas post! And thanks for your life and your songs. Have a merry Christmas and an incredible 2020!. Waiting for you in Buenos Aires
posted by Claud
Holiday message
What a wonderful message from Sting! Wishing him and his family a great holiday season. Hope to see Sting soon again in The Netherlands. Wishing everybody at a merry christmas and a fantastic 2020! Love, Claudia Sanders
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Dec 11, 2019

Just announced - Sting is coming to Weert, Netherlands next year, performing at Bospop festival on Friday, 10 July. Tickets go on sale Saturday, 14 December at 10:00 CET.  Please note that there is no presale for this show. 

Dec 10, 2019

The 13 best moments from a wild, unpredictable night, including a rare heartland-rock summit between Springsteen and John Mellencamp. Bob Geldof has organized some of the most incredible all-star shows in rock history, including the original Live Aid in 1985 and its follow-up, Live 8, in 2005. But even the man that reunited Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and the Who seemed stunned by what he was seeing near the end of the 30th-anniversary celebration of Sting and Trudie Styler’s Rainforest Fund benefit...