Community fundraising programme launched in support of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool, with support from Sting...

August 01, 2013

Community fundraising programme launched in support of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool, with support from Sting...

The Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool - the community organisation set up to drive forward the redevelopment of the derelict outdoor pool site in Tynemouth - today announced the launch of their community fundraising efforts for this exciting local project, along with the support of North East musician Sting.

Composer, singer-songwriter, activist and actor Sting, originally from Wallsend - just 5 miles from the pool site - recently pledged his support for the project with a financial contribution, helping propel Friends towards their initial goal of achieving charitable status. This will now allow the majority of donations received by the group from the community and other supporters to increase by a further 20% through Gift Aid.

Barry Bell, a founding member of Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool, said: “When you discover that Sting is passionate about backing a project like this, you know that it definitely has a future. Not only did Sting provide us with the initial donation we needed to gain charity status, but his support alone will help us raise the profile of this project immensely. And because our supporters, wherever they are in the world, also now have the chance to back the project financially, we’re hoping to increase the fantastic sense of ownership that the community already has when it comes to the pool, and its future.”

Community fundraising will form an essential part of the Friends’ plan to raise the capital required to get this unique project off the ground. All monies donated by the public will be as vital to the project’s success as the complex mix of grant aid and private funding Friends is currently working towards securing.

Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool have opted to use JustGiving – a widely recognised and trusted method of managing fundraising efforts already in use by many leading UK charities.

Supporters of the Tynemouth Outdoor Pool project can donate right now at

And Friends of Tynemouth Outdoor Pool will shortly be announcing a wider fundraising schedule that puts the community in control of part of the fundraising effort.


Jul 31, 2013

Sting's latest project - an album entitled The Last Ship, inspired by his play of the same name - was informed by his memories of growing up in Wallsend in the shadow of the Swan Hunters Shipyard. In February 2012, a small local audience was invited to Newcastle's Live Theatre to witness an early reading of the play. The reading, which included new songs by Sting, was performed with a cast and musicians and gave the audience an opportunity to see how things were progressing. At the time, they would have been forgiven for thinking that the songs were nearly finished - in fact, the play and songs were, at that time, still in the early developmental stages, with exciting new improvements and additions to come...

Jul 31, 2013
We are excited to share with you the official track listings for The Last Ship album packages. The first single, "Practical Arrangement" is available now from iTunes. The exclusive super deluxe package of The Last Ship may be pre-ordered from Amazon and all versions are also available for pre-order from the Official Sting Store...