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The Last Ship (Finale) (OBCR)





It’s a strange kind of beauty, it’s cold and austere,
And whatever it was that you’ve done to be here,
It’s the sum of your hopes, your despairs and your fears,
When this last ship sails.

Now everything’s ship shape, the drag chains have been checked,
Send this shop down the slipway and it’s all hands on deck.

Gideon & Jackie
For nothing’ll stop us, we have to prevail
Through the teeth of this tempest,
In the mouth of a gale,
May the angels protect us,

If all else should fail,
When the last ship sails.

Oh the roar of the chains (roar)
And the cracking of timbers,
The noise at the end of the world in your ears,
As a mountain of steel (mountain)
Makes its way to the sea and
The last ship sails.

Go Tom, go to your father!

And whatever you’d promised, whatever you’ve done,
And whatever the station in life you’ve become,
In the name of the Father, in the name of the Son,
And no matter the weave of this life that you’ve spun,
On the Earth or in Heaven or under the sun,
When the last ship sails,
When the last ship sails!

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