The Videos

Jan 02, 1988
Track List And Lyrics
    DISC NO: 1
  1. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free lyrics
  2. Fortress Around Your Heart lyrics
  3. Love Is The Seventh Wave lyrics
  4. Russians lyrics
  5. Bring On The Night lyrics
  6. We'll Be Together lyrics
  7. Be Still My Beating Heart lyrics
  8. Englishman In New York lyrics
  9. Fragile lyrics
  10. They Dance Alone (Gueca Solo) lyrics
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This is a straightforward collection of ten videos from Sting's first two platinum selling solo albums, 'The Dream Of The Blue Turtles' and '...Nothing Like The Sun'. Known as "Part 1" in the USA - Part 2 didn't materialise, and instead was eventually superseded by the release of the 'Fields Of Gold' collection.